「藤の花と着物」Wisteria and kimono


Last month the weather got warm out of sudden, so the Wisteria flowers started blooming faster than usual.
These magical weeping flowers are probably one of my favorites ever, so I had to do a small kimono photoshoot.



Luckily the gorgeous Choom agreed to model for me.
I proudly like to announce that this was the first shoot where I also did the photography and editing apart from the styling and dressing.
Surely it isn’t near satisfying and I need to learn a lot, but it was fun to try out something new. (And I’m not planning on a photography career anyways.)

それぞれが難しい分野で、うまくできてないと思いますが、なにごとも挑戦、とやらせてもらいました(フォトグラファーになるのは難しいだろな 笑)。

The spot I picked this time is my secret oasis far from the crowded city.
If you want to check it out next year for Wisteria time, I’m going to include the details at the end of this blog post.

So let’s get started with the pictures!
Also I interviewed Choom and her creative adventures in Japan, which I’d like to share with you.




Choom x SALZ 2 small

Tell us about yourself / your brand? あなた・あなたのブランドについて教えてください

Choom is me, but the best version of me. The me that looks and feels the best. Chloe likes to stay at home and sleep but Choom goes outside and stomps around the town and feels fierce and fabulous.

Choom x SALZ 6

Choom x SALZ 3 small

What things make you the happiest in Japan? What stresses you out? 日本の好きなところは?ストレスを感じるところは?

I enjoy walking around by myself, discovering new places and riding the train and looking out of the window. Basically any activity an 80 year old woman enjoys is totally my cup of tea! I think the main stress of Japan is the work life, which I guess if true of any country. Who wants to work?? But particularly the limitations to childcare and English teaching which is something I’ve never really wanted to do but I have to if I want to live here long term.


Choom x SALZ 5

You also started an online magazine recently, right? Tell us about it and what inspired you to start it? オンラインマガジンを始めたんですね?どうして始めてか教えてください。

Yes! I am the editor of The Comm magazine. It covers Japanese street fashion and those inspired by it from all around the globe. I’m big on representing everyone and showing all types of creative work. I felt there was a lack of representation in the community and the focus was on Japanese people being held to a different standard than people from all around the world, who I knew were just as fashionable and creative. Once FRUiTS and KERA ceased publication I knew it was my time to shine!


Choom x SALZ 7

Best way to relax? よい息抜きの方法は?

I lie down literally all day. If I have some energy I like to craft. I buy things from Daiso and Tokyu Hands and make things for my pin board or knick knacks for my room. I love curating my space.


Choom x SALZ 10

What made your parents angry most? 親をよく怒らせたのはどんなこと?

Sleeping too much. I never used to get out of bed on the weekends.

Choom x SALZ 11

Choom x SALZ 9

Future plan? 将来のプランは?

I’m still evolving the “Choom” brand and I’m hoping to explore as many creative ventures as possible. For now, an online magazine, but hopefully also my own clothing line because, why not? I also want to direct music videos, Dave Meyers has been doing some great stuff and is a huge inspiration to me recently. I’ve always loved cinematography so that’s something I want to get into.

Choomブランドを進化中で、できるだけ多くの新しいプロジェクトに挑戦できたらいいなと思ってます。今のところは、オンラインマガジン。それと、自分のファッションブランドもやってみたいです。だって、いいんじゃないですか?(”Why not?”) 音楽ビデオのディレクションもやってみたいです。Dave Meyersはスゴイことをやっていて、自分にとっても最近のインスピレーションです。撮影の分野は大好きで、この分野にいきたいです。

Choom x SALZ 8

Choom x SALZ 4 small

Thanks so much for collaborating and answering my questions, Choom!
I certainly wish you all the best and am looking forward to your future projects.

And thanks again for bringing your instax polaroid camera! I really love the snaps. Loving the imperfection of polaroid! (Here is someone contemplating to get a polaroid camera.. haha)



☆ Credits ☆
Model / Hair & Makeup: Choom チューム (https://choom.online)
Photography / Styling: SALZ Tokyo

Please have a look at her online magazine The Comm too. It’s available in many European languages as well as in Japanese.
ぜひ、ChoomさんのオンラインマガジンThe Commを見てみてね。日本語や多言語で読めますよ!


For the Wisteria location 今回の撮影場所:
-Ushijima no fuji- 牛島の藤

Have a great week,