Zouri sandals red houndstooth - SALZ Tokyo original
- 2022 Re-design -☆ SALZ Tokyo ORIGINAL Japanese zori sandals - red black lace and houndstooth ☆ ++ MADE TO ORDER ++ Will be made to your foot size!!Ladies or gents! Red black lace look fabric on the sole, cool...
SALZ Tabi Yellow Tartan - Original Kimono Socks - SALZ Original
☆ Japanese Tabi Socks Yellow Tartan  ☆ MADE TO YOUR SIZE! Two traditions combined to create a gorgeous accessory to compliment your kimono! These cozy and edgy tabi socks are made with 100% wool from Scotland, and have traditional hooks...
SALZ Japanese tabi "the pop" pop art - Original kimono socks
It was about the time for SALZ original Tabi socks! Since getting many requests for SALZ original Kimono and items, now SALZ Tokyo presents...the white and red is the color of happiness in Japan!!--☆ Japanese tabi socks - Pop Art...