Mens hadagi (kimono cotton underwear)
 Kimono underwear called "hadagi" for wearing under men's kimono.A soft gauze wrap shirt that can be washed at home after each wear. ☆ DETAILS ☆Condition: NewMade in: JapanMaterial: Cotton ☆ SIZE ☆L size (best for height 170-180 cm)- length: 71...
White Nagajuban - Made to order / large size
☆ Made to order - White polyester Nagajuban for women (men's on request)☆ Tired of ill-fitting kimono undergarments? A well sized Nagajuban (under-kimono) is quite important for comfortable kimono wearing, as it creates the crucial base for the kimono to...
Kimono collar clip
☆ Japanese kimono kitsuke item - Collar clip (unisex) ☆ Frustrated with slipping and opening collars of juban or kimono? This clip can help by keeping the collars together. Contents: One "S" shaped metal clip. If you have any questions,...
Mens kitsuke set
☆ Japanese kimono kitsuke item - Men's kimono dressing set ☆ The essentials for a gentleman's kimono dressing: - Cotton kimono underwear wrap shirt "Hadagi" (男性用肌着) - 2x "koshi himo" ties (腰紐) - Magic belt (elastic belt with magic tape)...
Mens koshihimo & magic belt set
☆ Japanese kimono kitsuke item - Men's koshihimo & magic belt ☆ The essentials for a gentleman's kimono dressing: The"koshi himo" tie and a magic belt (elastic with magic tape) set to keep the kimono in place. ☆ DETAILS ☆...
Black long koshihimo kimono tie
☆ Japanese kimono kitsuke item - black long koshi himo ☆ This is a kitsuke (kimono dressing) tie "koshi himo" in black for gents and ladies. It is longer than usual ones and made of high quality soft muslin fabric....
Design cotton koshi himo kimono tie - check, stripe, polka dot
These are kitsuke (kimono dressing) koshihimo ties in black and white colors. Pick your favorite design!! ☆ DETAILS ☆ New cotton bands to tie your kimono in place. Made in Japan 100% soft cotton.--☆ Japanese kimono kitsuke item - design...