StyleShare Japan Interview


The other day I got interviewed by the fashion app “StyleShare” about life and what inspires me. StyleShare is a popular fashion style app from Korea, where you can upload your coordinates and beauty pictures and tag the brands you wear.

この間、スタイルシェアにインタビューをされました ☆

I use this app for a while now and it has many users across Japan and Asia. The interview was posted only in Japanese and some people wanted to read it – so I posted it up here with English translation.

Who Are You?
今回はユニークな着物で有名な『SALZ Tokyo』オーナーのAnjiさんをご紹介!

We are introducing individual StyleShare users. This time we talked to the SALZ Tokyo owner, Anji – who is famous for her unique kimono styles.

1. 自己紹介お願いします。Please briefly introduce yourself.

Hi lovelies, I am Anji from Germany and highly addicted to Japanese kimono and fashion/makeup in general.

2. いつから東京に住んでますか? When did you move to Tokyo?


I moved to Tokyo just before the major earthquake in 2011 – so already over 5 years ago. Time flies!

3. ドイツから東京に住み移し始めてからスタイルの変化はありましたか?Has your style changed since moving from Germany to Tokyo?


Definitely! Germans don’t care much about fashion and young people like to wear simple stuff like jeans and t-shirt. I got interested in fashion since I got in touch with Japan the first time and since I moved her I got hooked by Harajuku fashion which is so creative and different.


4. この春試したいファッションは? Is there any fashion style that you’d like to try this spring?


Tough question. Maybe a nice mix of street fashion and wafuku?

5. 日本のファッションについて魅力を感じる部分は? What do you like most about Japanese fashion?


I like the diversity and that there are many different characters / fashion ‘groups’. I am not a big fan of the kawaii mainstream style telling all girls to wear pink and be cute – that is very boring – but I like the subcultures e.g. colorful Harajuku fashion, Goth Lolita, Mori girl, Minimalist hipsters, Visual kei rock, Wafuku etc.

6. スタイルシェアで着物の写真をよく見かけます。着物のスタイリングで一番大事にする部分はありますか? We can see from your photos that you wear kimonos quite often. What do you pay the most attention to when styling kimonos?


Well, I like my kimono outfit to pop. It shouldn’t be boring so I like to play with different colors and details.

7. ヴィンテージが好きと聞きました。良いヴィンテージに出会う方法は?おすすめのお店はありますか? I heard that you like vintage items. What is your trick to buying great vintage pieces? Do you have any shop recommendations?


Oh yes I do! Well there is no real trick – it’s basically just luck! You find great pieces or not. I always call it treasure hunt (^-^*)/

For Tokyo I like to browse the vintage Shops in Harajuku: Chicago and Kinji are my favorite because they are affordable too.

8. 東京でオンラインショップを立ち上げた理由を教えてください。Why did you decide to open up an online shop in Tokyo?

自由でクリエイティブな生活を送りたいと思ってSALZ Tokyoというブランドを立ち上げました。

Well, I wanted to live my creativity and not be bound to a company and go there every day 9am-7pm. It doesn’t suit me.


9. ネットショップを立ち上げる前はどんな仕事を経験してきましたか?Can you share your job experiences before moving to Tokyo?


I may not look like it but I am actually a mechanical engineer and used to work for an airplane manufacturer in Germany. (As in wearing blue mechanic clothing and climbing around on an airplane. haha)

10. 東京に住み始めてから一番嬉しかったことを教えてください。What has been the happiest moment for you since moving to Tokyo?

好きなことを仕事としてやってるので、今が一番幸せです!人生楽しんでいます! 🙂

The happiest I am right now I guess. Being independent and work-wise doing what I love.

11. 最近一番興味あることはなんですか?What have you been the most interested in these days?


It’s all about kimono! And I love playing around with colorful makeup.

12. 今後の夢や目標について教えてください。What are your goals for the future?


I want to successfully keep doing what I love, grow SALZ Tokyo and want to spread the word more about wafuku and show people in Japan and overseas that kimono and fashion in general can be so much fun. I want to inspire people to try something new and get out of the mainstream thinking. I want everyone to enjoy their lives.



13. 最後に公式質問、Anjiさんにとってスタイルシェアとは?Lastly, what does StyleShare mean to you?


I think StyleShare is a fun place to connect and see trends as well as getting inspired about fashion and beauty. Also I like that StyleShare hosts real offline events and engages its users in fun collaborations/challenges. I haven’t experienced that before!


Thanks so much for answering our questions.


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The interview was posted on StyleShare and I’d like to thank Remy for her hard work and picking out so many cute pictures from my Instagram & StyleShare. It’s so fun to see my styles in someone else’s eyes 🙂