Last weekend, the Tokyo Kimono Show 2022 opened its doors to visitors again after a 3 year forced break (because of you-know-what)!

On the 28th and 29th of May, the event was held at 3 main locations in the Ningyochō area of Tokyo. One could either see a Kimono Style Exhibition with as many as 177 kimono outfits displayed, learn new traditional skills at one of the workshops or enjoy some kimono shopping and kimono shows & performances.

It was exciting to see that many kimono wearers streaming out of the train and flocking onto the streets of this neighborhood during said weekend. How I had missed that!


After a lovely lunch with the amazing Sheila Cliffe, my friend, me and my little daughter made our way to the..

Kimono Style Exhibition

A large room full of different styles of kimono! A deep dive through history and tradition all the way to modernism and art.

The start was made by gorgeous antique pieces, followed by traditional formal wear of excellent craftsmanship which blended into more casual pieces and funky modern kimono ensembles.



This years kimono "mascot" doll was very popular as well, occasionally drawing up a little line-up for picture taking.Doll wearing kimono

Whilst many kimono outfits had been presented by companies, brands and artisans - some of the casual kimono styles had been arranged by stylists and other individuals.


(Love the idea of displaying a plus size kimono as well as including disability and a personal favorite: children's kimono)

A sailors tale

Thanks to the online magazine Kimono Bijin I was also selected as one of the artists to display their work / style at the Tokyo Kimono Show!

Thinking that there probably would not be many mens kimono on display, I decided to showcase an embroidery kimono ensemble I had made in collaboration with the embroidery artist Shishumania.

(Not visible here - me freaking out from excitement seeing my creation on display! )




Everything about this kimono ensemble and the making of can be read in my prior post.

To be honest it was not easy to juggle a toddler who wants to touch everything and weights way too much plus trying to take decent photographs with the other hand, but I made it through somehow and could enjoy the remaining kimono styles.


Kimono Shopping

Afterwards we paid a visit to the Marché aka the area where brands and artisans showcase their products and services.

Here things unfortunately got a little hasty for me, because the little bean was a little tired by all the excitement and soon as crying for a bit, forcing me to leave rather sooner than later. 

I did snap a few pictures when she was still content, so let me share them with you.


Tie dye kimono and fabrics


Zouri maker IWASA from Osaka & a new concept of "Neo Kimono" obi heel covers.

Cute hand painted silk bolts.



Due to my schedule and being with a little kid, I wasn't able to visit the workshops and shows this time, but I am looking forward to see what the Tokyo Kimono Show has to offer in the next year!

I would like to thank Kimono Bijin again and the committee involved to allow me to showcase my work at this show. Very grateful for this experience!

Which kimono style was your favorite? Let me know in the comments.
(You can see also more pictures on my instagram @salztokyo)