Kimono Rainbow Challenge


In the past months I participated my first group challenge – the Kimono Rainbow Challenge.

An international styling challenge Tia from Uber Dandy Kimono thought up and brought to live, contacting some kimono enthusiasts across the globe.


Uber Dandy Kimonoのティアさんは考えた着物スタイリングチャレンジです。世界中バラバラに住んでる着物好きの8名は参加した。

The rules are simple:
Every week a kimono outfit needs to be styled in a main color set by Tia. The order was like a modern rainbow. Starting with black, proceeding with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple pink and ending with white.


The styles of all members were merged into a collage to show the diverse ways of wearing a kimono. Everyone has a different taste and way of matching outfits and we wanted to inspire people to experiment and wear kimono the way they like.

Below I will show you how I styled different kimono in those designated colours. I wanted to show a broad range of styles – from traditional to dark, colourful or modern mixed.



レインボーチャレンジ スタート♡

An antique kurotomesode with a renaissance look-alike floral pattern and a Nagoya obi in the same shade popped up with my own design&handmade veiled beret, vtg leather gloves and a stole. The outfit is 20s inspired and meant to be femine-chic.

Anji SALZ 1 black

Anji SALZ 3 black

Anji SALZ 7 black

Everybody’s interpretion on black:

→ RED:
Red kiku silk komon paired with a white Nagoya Obi which has handwritten kanji on it. I wanted to try out a slightly goth kind of look so I paired it with black makeup and harness as well as a scarf because it was freezing.

Anji SALZ 1 red

Anji SALZ 4 red

Version 2

Red collage:
red collab

A bright orange silk komon with a light floral pattern paired with a handmade checkered hanhaba obi and a shigoki obi on top for a casual day out. A simple and quick style since I taught my friends how to wear kimono today. Also the plum blossoms are in bloom!

Anji SALZ 1 orange

Anji SALZ 2 orange

Anji SALZ 3 orange


I am in love with antique kimono pieces and this yellow silk komon is a rare beauty. Dressed my friend for a collaboration in said kimono and paired it with an embroidered purple silk Nagoya obi. I am so ready for spring!!

Anji SALZ 1 yellow

Anji SALZ 4 yellow

Anji SALZ 3 yellow


A vibrant shibori silk kimono with green and yellow flowers and leaves all over paired with a white Nagoya obi. Can you spot the tiny red origami cranes on it? I coordinated obiage and a shigoki in the same red shade to make this outfit even more pop. Since its still breezy winter I love to keep warm with my dark blue velvet michiyuki.

Anji SALZ 1 green

Anji SALZ 2 green

Anji SALZ 3 green

Everyone’s green styles:

My friend Fiona once tried a kimono rental in Kyoto. That time she picked a dark blue kimono and it just looked gorgeous with her fire red hair. So I brought this blue silk tsukesage from my collection and taught her how to dress herself. The obi is a wine red Nagoya obi with hand fans on it. For an extra contrast this antique orange Haori works very well. (You guys know already that I like a lot of strong colours. hehe)

Anji SALZ 1 blue

Anji SALZ 5 blue

Anji SALZ 4 blue


Striped antique komon paired with a purple Nagahaori with wine grapes. I love geometric designs and this kimono looks like candy! Super in love.
The hanhaba obi is from Rumi Rock and looks like real Python leather.

Anji SALZ 1 purple

Anji SALZ 2 purple

Anji SALZ 3 purple

Purple rain:

I actually don’t like the color pink at all but tried to take away the cute image with this coordinate. A wool hitoe paired with a black hand painted dragon Nagoya obi and a black lace haori. I thought green would be pop as well so added some details and a hand made kanzashi for obi deco.

Anji SALZ 1 pink

Anji SALZ 2 pink

Anji SALZ 3 pink


A fun yukata with watercolor like geometric artwork on it worn with a yellow shigoki obi. My shark bag will keep me company on my journey.

Anji SALZ 1 white

Anji SALZ 3 white

Anji SALZ 2 white

Anji SALZ white bonus

Final colour collage:

I hope you enjoyed all the different styles.
Let me know your favourite look in the comments below ♡