Tokyo Fashion Week Report - JOTARO SAITO 東京ファッションウィーク


The next runway show I attended at the Mercedes Benz Tokyo Fashion Week was JOTARO SAITO – a Japanese kimono designer.

Actually he was born to a family of kimono makers in Kyoto and learned all the dyeing techniques from his ancestors at a young age.

This Autumn/Winter 2015/16 collection was named “Dark Fairytale”. As the previous day also this show was held at Shibuya Hikarie.

I adjusted my wardrobe to match with his a little darker kimono fashion.

東京ファッションウィークの次に参加したショーはJOTARO SAITO(斎藤上太郎)でした。 着物のデザイナーさんです。




Tokyo Fashion Week AW15

I was lucky to get a first row seat for this show, so had a chance to take many beautiful photos and videos to share with you.

Tokyo Fashion Week AW15 Tokyo Fashion Week AW15 Tokyo Fashion Week AW15 Tokyo Fashion Week AW15

As you see the models were posing right in front of me! How lucky.

Something which was really lovely about this runway show was, that the models were posing slowly at 4 locations for everyone in the audience to see clearly.

And further – the models were smiling! That was very lovely and made the show feel warm and positive.




Tokyo Fashion Week AW15

Also the male models were very attractive and had a certain style.

Tokyo Fashion Week AW15

Revolutionary: A kimono with a hoody. Quite a sporty style – breaking with traditions!

Tokyo Fashion Week AW15 Tokyo Fashion Week AW15 Tokyo Fashion Week AW15

Pay attention to the details: Snake skin Sori (sandals), awesome materials for the tabi socks, embroidery and the kimono itself has a contrasted color and pattern inside which peaks out when you walk.

Tokyo Fashion Week AW15

The show was very wonderful – starting with rather monotone designs in gray and black, however spiced up with floral or snake skin patterns to create a fresh modern look.

The obi belts consisted mostly of amazing sparkling or vibrant fabrics and prints. I really loved them!

Saito also saved the best for last – a dark furisode with vibrant flower print.

Tokyo Fashion Week AW15

The model was twirling around with her arms streched – resulting in the long sleeves flying beautifully in the air and making the audience speechless.

Thanks so much for inviviting me to your show, Jotaro Saito!

It was a pleasure for the eyes and I wished the show would never end.



Tokyo Fashion Week AW15 Tokyo Fashion Week AW15

Also check out my video report on the show on my YouTube channel:

At the show I met some familiar faces from the Harajuku Department.

Tokyo Fashion Week AW15

See you at the next show!

Thanks for reading! Anji SALZ

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