• Marutake - A look behind the art of Samurai Armor making in Kagoshima 甲冑工房丸武-鹿児島川内で、鎧兜作りの技に触れる

    Marutake - A look behind the art of Samurai Armor making in Kagoshima 甲冑工房丸武-鹿児島川内で、鎧兜作りの技に触れる
    Recently we had the pleasure to visit and get an exclusive look behind the doors of Samurai armor maker "Marutake". Located in Sendai city, Kagoshima, the Southern region of Japan (not to be confused with Sendai city in Miyagi), Marutake welcomes guests with open gates - a little armor wonderland so to speak!Visitors can take a stroll among the castle looking grounds and see first...

    It's time for a fresh re-start! 2022 is meaning to be a comeback to life for all of us after the pandemic - SALZ Tokyo has been a little slow over the course of time (also due to a small human taking most of our time ;)) but we are ready to fire back up! The new site is more secure, easier to use...
  • 「SHISHUMANIA初個展開催」SHISHUMANIA joint exhibition

    「SHISHUMANIA初個展開催」SHISHUMANIA joint exhibition
    Long time no see on my blog! Isn’t this year just like a crazy nightmare?Since my last entry in April not much has changed in the world of COVID it seems. Although things seemed a little better in Japan during June, we are now hitting the second wave with cases spreading all across the country.. Staying home since March (apart from maybe 3-4 careful...
  • 「チャップリンの『街の灯』の歌舞伎版」Charlie Chaplin on the Kabuki stage - Part 2

    「チャップリンの『街の灯』の歌舞伎版」Charlie Chaplin on the Kabuki stage - Part 2
    Continuing from our exciting interview with Mr. Ono, (Please read Part 1 here first if you haven’t yet!) the head behind the celebrated Charlie Chaplin Kabuki revival in December 2019, we want to find out more details on how this project was brought to life – so grab a cup of tea and let’s continue! 2020年のSALZ Tokyoの記事第一弾として、昨年末に公演されたチャップリン歌舞伎の立役者、日本チャップリン協会の大野裕之さんとのインタビューの第2部をお送りいたします。(まだ読んでなければ、パート1から見ててね!) SALZ: チャップリンの「街の灯」の歌舞伎版はどういったきっかけで始まったんですか? How did everything start with the...
  • 「チャップリンの『街の灯』の歌舞伎版」Charlie Chaplin on the Kabuki stage - Part 1

    「チャップリンの『街の灯』の歌舞伎版」Charlie Chaplin on the Kabuki stage - Part 1
    Happy New Year! Can you believe its already 2020?Just some decades ago people thought we would have flying cars and microchips implanted in our necks.. (Although that might be coming sooner than we’d like.) こんにちは。明けましておめでとうございます。もう2020年って信じられますか?数十年前には 、空飛ぶ車や首にマイクロチップが埋め込まれていると想像した時代です(かなり近いことが起 き始めてますね)。 I had quite a long Christmas/New Years break (longer than I intended to, as well…) and I was traveling around to Shanghai, then inside of Germany as...
  • 「オペラ 蝶々夫人へ衣装提供させて頂きました!」Madama Butterfly Opera

    「オペラ 蝶々夫人へ衣装提供させて頂きました!」Madama Butterfly Opera
    You probably have heard of “Madame Butterfly” – a famous short story written in 1898?Mr. Pinkerton, an American naval officer gets stationed in Nagasaki and after encouragement takes on a Japanese wife and household. After marrying and spending brief time with his wife ChoCho-san who works as a Geisha, his ship has to leave Japan.During his absence and without his knowledge ChoCho-san bears a...
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