• Pregnancy in Japan during a pandemic

    Pregnancy in Japan during a pandemic
    Happy New Year 2021 also from my side! May this year be a fresh chapter with the hopeful fast end of the pandemic… Today I want to write about my experience of being pregnant in Japan. Even though unrelated to kimono and a little more personal, some of you said they were curious as to how it is being expecting a baby as a...
  • 「妊娠と着物」Pregnancy in kimono

    「妊娠と着物」Pregnancy in kimono
    This year has been a crazy ride! I can’t believe it is already November (and that I neglected my blog for such a long time!). One of the best things that has happened to me this year, I have yet announced here:I am pregnant and due to give birth any day now.. Now as that is something completely new in my life, I was very...
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