Workshops & Events

Looking to learn a little about Japanese kimono, wearing techniques, styling history, construction of the garments or even about the traditional Japanese hairstyles?

SALZ Tokyo is here to spread the kimono passion at events, your class room or in a private setting with friends.

We can also arrange for special events with Geisha, tours to see or experience traditional crafts as well as arrange kimono fashion shows etc.

Keep an eye on our social media and blog to see if there are any workshops/events popping up in your region - or request your very own experience!

Ozashiki Geisha Event

Enjoy a traditional Geisha banquet (ozashiki) with food, drinks, traditional games, conversation & dance.

Traditional crafts

Wanting to experience screen printing, dye works or stencil cutting first hand or just learn about traditions?

Kimono dressing / Styling

Experience kimono casually in a workshop.
Learn about styling all the pieces, history and the dressing process.

Guest speaker

We are also available to share our love and knowledge of Japanese kimono in the classroom or at small events.

Hair styling

Learn about modern variations of "Nihongami" or other traditional Japanese hairstyles.
We can arrange or connect with professionals.

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