「着物でスノボ」Snowboarding in kimono


When living in Germany I never got the chance to do any Wintersports apart from ice skating, but 3 years ago my husband taught my how to stand on the snowboard.
We flew up to Hokkaido and went snowboarding for 3 days – in the beginning I kept falling on my knees and ass but on the 3rd day I had lots of fun!

Since then time passed super fast and I got insecure if I could still do it. When my husbands family decided they wanted to go on a quick ski trip in January I was of course excited. First time for me in the Tohoku area too (North prefectures of Tokyo). We took the Shinkansen (bullet train) all the way up to Sendai, there we had to kill some time (with eating) until taking the bus to our hotel.



Snowboarding in kimono

Snowboarding in kimono

Snowboarding in kimono


The next morning we took a bus up the mountains to the slopes and to my surprise I could still snowboard!! It worked instantly even I was scared haha.

そして!もう滑り方は絶対に忘れたと思ったけど、問題なく滑れたあぁ〜〜 やった!


Snowboarding in kimono

And my name would not be Anji SALZ if I didn’t take the chance to do something with kimono.. You probably guessed it from the title:

Snowboarding in kimono!

I am on a mission to do all the “impossible” in kimono because it simply is fun and shows the people to think about the traditional Japanese garment as fashion rather than just a formal piece you only wear to a wedding party.
Kimono have been daily wear clothing after all and nobody cared if it was wrinkly, if your feet stuck out or it the obi was squashed. I want to go back to this time where people don’t feel intimidated if the kitsuke isn’t perfect or the flowers on the kimono don’t match the season exactly.


友達とのショッピング、ご飯、博物館、一人での散歩でも・・ 職場は厳しくないところならお仕事にでもいいでしょう。最近、着物で集まるイベントも増えたので、楽しいです。


Let’s have fun in kimono! I certainly do!

Snowboarding in kimono

Snowboarding in kimono

Snowboarding in kimono

Hakama snowboarding 3

Hakama snowboarding 4

For the snowboard look I used an old wool kimono and a super antique mens “umanori” hakama with parted legs (which had holes etc. – I sewed it a bit prior to the trip) as I did not want to ruin a very nice kimono.
You can probably imagine the looks on the slopes and the comments when lining at the lift but it seems people thought it was fun.



Here is also a video I had taken. As you see I am still a noob on the board but it was so much fun.

Now I need to look for other fun activities to do in kimono!
If you have any ideas please leave them in the comments ♡



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