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Last week I got interviewed about my fashion, brand and thoughts on the Night Fever King Blog. This blog is dedicated to Japanese and/or Alternative culture and fashion.

To make it easier to read, I just pasted his article here, but make sure to check out his nice blog if you have time:

一週間前、Night Fever Kingと言うブルグとインタビューをしたので、ぜひ読んで頂きたいです。



Cool and Chic Tokyo Fusion Fashion Brand SALZ TOKYO


Hey night fever royalties! This week I was able to talk to Anji Salz, the person behind the clothing brand SALZ Tokyo which was formed in 2014. Originally from Germany, she came over to Japan after she fell in love with the culture at a young age. It sparked from her love of Visual Kei and studying the language. (I realized we had similar stories of how we got into Japanese culture.)

“There was a certain magic about Japan which always made me feel at home as soon as I came here so I decided I want to break out of my save life and start an adventure on the other half of the globe.”

I’ve felt the same way for so long!


How did you get into fashion designing?
Anji: “Well basically everything started with blog readers who saw me customizing phone cases etc. and wanted me to create some designs cases for them. I always loved to create something with my hand but never thought about selling. So there I was, taking custom orders and then trying out to create accessories and fashion items for myself and offering them to my customers. My creations were also showcased in a shop called AVANTGARDE Japan in Harajuku as they support local designers.”

What fuels your creations?
Anji: “My inspirations come from Harajuku street fashion and just whatever I soak up while shopping or walking around. I treasure vintage clothing a lot (and also most of my clothes are vintage items gathered from across the globe) as many pieces are timeless, good quality and very fun to arrange with modern elements. Especially in the recent years I see a rapid change in just cheap fast fashion, every shop selling the same thing which falls apart after wearing it 10 times. My wishes for the future are that people start treasuring handmade products and locally produced fashion more, just for the sake of diversity, jobs and quality.”


“In Japan I feel like everyone dresses the same, behaves the same, girls need to be kawaii and pink and men just form an army of black suits. For the future I hope that Japan can ease up a little and let people express themselves like what we see on the streets in Harajuku. The diversity and young people enjoying themselves, trying out things is really wonderful.”

How do you describe your style?
Anji: “I really enjoy fashion and the expression of current mood or seasons with it. My wardrobe is very colourful and I dress depending on my feelings. I like to surprise and stick out a bit, show that fashion can be fun on so many levels.”

Her goal is to create fashion free rules by combining chic looks while being inspired by her homeland and the ever changing, exciting Tokyo.


Recently, she has been incredibly active with other projects and businesses but still tries to find time to come up with new ideas.


Where can you find SALZ Tokyo?

Article source: The Night Fever King Blog

Thanks again for the nice interview!

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