• Interview about SALZ & the founder / SALZとファッションについて

    Interview about SALZ & the founder / SALZとファッションについて
    Last week I got interviewed about my fashion, brand and thoughts on the Night Fever King Blog. This blog is dedicated to Japanese and/or Alternative culture and fashion. To make it easier to read, I just pasted his article here, but make sure to check out his nice blog if you have time: https://nightfeverking.wordpress.com 一週間前、Night Fever Kingと言うブルグとインタビューをしたので、ぜひ読んで頂きたいです。 ただ、英語ですw 読みやすさの為、日記を下にコピペしたけど、興味のある方はブログもご確認どうぞ。 https://nightfeverking.wordpress.com Cool and Chic Tokyo...