• 「FKI展 & ルミロック」Year end kimono fun

    「FKI展 & ルミロック」Year end kimono fun
    Time seems to fly faster and faster these weeks. It’s December and suddenly I feel overwhelmed with work – but that’s a great thing after having a little too silent past months. Colder weather and the years final month calls for kimono events and the popular “忘年会” Year-end parties! So I found myself running around between 4 appointments yesterday. One was the FKI展 –...
  • 「秋」Autumn feels

    「秋」Autumn feels
    Last week we had a sudden curtain of snowfall here in the Tokyo area and I was a little worried – as I didn’t have time yet to go out and appreciate the autumn foliage properly. 先週の雪で少しパニックになった。「まだ紅葉を楽しむ時間はなかったのに、もう冬??」と思ってました。 Thankfully 2 days later we had bombastic weather so I jumped back into my kimono to embrace the yellow and red coloured trees. On my check list...
  • 「着物で四日間」4 days of kimono

    「着物で四日間」4 days of kimono
    How are you doing? Hopefully not caught a cold? To be honest, I was down with some kinda flu or heavy cold 2 weeks ago. And that is also one of the reasons my blog was a bit silent. Took me some time to recover but I am almost good now. And once I was good I had to go out in kimono. Over...
  • 「ルミ⭐︎レタル」Rumi x Retar Collaboration

    「ルミ⭐︎レタル」Rumi x Retar Collaboration
    Finally we have internet in our new place! So I can start trying to catch up on all the recent events and places I went.. I am wayyy late. 引っ越してからの一ヶ月後にやっとインターネットを設置して頂いた。 それで、(遅いけど)最近のイベントなどについてどんどんブログ上げますね。 First a quick intro for the Rumi x Retar Collab and Rumi Rock’s new items. I went to their 3 day pop up shop in Nakameguro to check it out first hand. (And...
  • 「7月着物コーデ」Kimono Styles July 2016

    「7月着物コーデ」Kimono Styles July 2016
    I regularly post my kimono coordinates on my Instagram & Twitter but fail to do so on my blog. So I thought I would show all the styles I wore in July here in a complete post. 着物コディネートの写真はよくインスタグラムやツイッターなどに載せますが、ブログにUPするのはいつも忘れちゃいます。そのため、今回「7月着物コーデのまとめ」として紹介したいと思います。 LET’S START ☆ For a meeting I chose a rather toned down summer kimono and spiced it up with a cute gold fish obi. The bag...
  • 「着物についてのインタビュー」Interview with The Daily Dot

    「着物についてのインタビュー」Interview with The Daily Dot
    After someone took a photo of me wearing the Space Invaders kimono in a train station and putting it online, Twitter completely blew up so that the photo/tweet was seen by 1.4 Million people and was retweeted over 15,000 times. この間、手作りのスペースインベーダー着物でお出かけしたところ、駅に「着物の写真を撮っていいですか?すごいですね!」との事がありました。 顔なしの写真でしたのに、次の日ツイッターを見たら友達からのメッセージで「コレもしかしてアンジーですか?話題になってるよ!!」で先日の写真が!! とんでもない事になってた!オー 今まで見た人の数はなんと140万人で、リツイートは1万5千回以上です。 I didn’t know about it until a friend tweeted me like “Is that you, Anji? This tweet is going viral!!”...