• Interview about SALZ & the founder / SALZとファッションについて

    Interview about SALZ & the founder / SALZとファッションについて
    Last week I got interviewed about my fashion, brand and thoughts on the Night Fever King Blog. This blog is dedicated to Japanese and/or Alternative culture and fashion. To make it easier to read, I just pasted his article here, but make sure to check out his nice blog if you have time: https://nightfeverking.wordpress.com 一週間前、Night Fever Kingと言うブルグとインタビューをしたので、ぜひ読んで頂きたいです。 ただ、英語ですw 読みやすさの為、日記を下にコピペしたけど、興味のある方はブログもご確認どうぞ。 https://nightfeverking.wordpress.com Cool and Chic Tokyo...
  • NYLON Japan Event

    NYLON Japan Event
    On the 28th of February NYLON Magazine in Japan held a small event in Tokyo. The NYLON blogger girls were holding a flea market to sell some of their fashionable clothes and there were workshops where you could get a hair arrangement, new nails or craft something. All underlined by some DJs playing some nice tunes. On that day I went alone, but met...
  • London Fashion Week September 2014

    London Fashion Week September 2014
    Today I would like to share some experience from the London Fashion Week in September. I supported a friend to build up her booth at the Fashion Week exhibition rooms and got access to all show rooms. On day 1 my clothing of choice was a vintage velvet dress (Made in Germany, oh so proud!) with my Union Jack socks and boots from Dr.Martens....
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