• Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk - An in-depth look at the exhibition and chat with the curator 必見、イギリス着物特別展ヴィクトリア&アルバート博物館の感想、キューレータさんへのインタビュー

    Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk - An in-depth look at the exhibition and chat with the curator 必見、イギリス着物特別展ヴィクトリア&アルバート博物館の感想、キューレータさんへのインタビュー
    On the 29th of February 2020 the world famous Victoria & Albert Museum in London opened its doors to a new exciting exhibition. “Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk” does not only display historical kimono – the visitor will learn about kimono history and evolution throughout the centuries as well as how this traditional garment changed the world of fashion outside of Japan. UPDATE: As of...
  • 「行田市忍城時代まつり」Gyoda Oshi Castle Jidai Matsuri

    「行田市忍城時代まつり」Gyoda Oshi Castle Jidai Matsuri
    On November 10th, Gyoda City (Saitama prefecture) celebrated its annual “Oshi Castle Epoch Festival” (忍城時代まつり). Since epoch festival sounds kind of weird to me, I just kept the blog title in jinglish (japanese-english) as I feel it sounds nicer.Gyoda (行田市) is a city with rich culture. Once the main producer for tabi aka. kimono socks Japan wide, the city still has many craftsmen and...
  • 「新潟の芸妓遊び」Geigi (Geisha) Banquet Experience in Niigata

    「新潟の芸妓遊び」Geigi (Geisha) Banquet Experience in Niigata
    Recently I started to make some effort to see a little more of Japan. Some of you may have noticed from my social media, that I visited Niigata. (Actually for the second time.) Last time I learned that Niigata is one of the biggest locations for Geisha/Maiko culture in Japan. (They are actually called “Geigi” in Niigata!)Many may instantly think of Kyoto (and you...
  • 「普段着物」Fudangi Kimono in New York

    「普段着物」Fudangi Kimono in New York
    In October I travelled to New York to take part in an exhibition as well as hosted some kimono workshops and photo shoots while in the city. 2017年10月は展示会の参加、そして着物ワークショップや撮影のためにニューヨークへ行ってきました。自由の女神、タイムズスクエアー、エンパイアステートビルなどなどアメリカの象徴があふれる大都市です! Almost a year ago I was asked if I’d like to contribute and style two kimono outfits for a small exhibition curated by Spree Kingyo (from Kingyo Kitsuke) in Germany and Yuki Hamada (from Kimono Modern)...
  • 「黒留ナイト@東京キモノショー」Kurotome night @ Tokyo Kimono Show

    「黒留ナイト@東京キモノショー」Kurotome night @ Tokyo Kimono Show
    On the 30th of April I joined the fun “Kurotome Night” at the week long Tokyo Kimono Show at COREDO near Nihonbashi. For that event about a 100 people joined in the dress-code “kurotomesode” (黒留袖)which is a formal black kimono with a colourful artwork only in the bottom third of the kimono. This kimono usually will be worn by the mothers of a couple...
  • 「ヒロコレッジ10周年」HIROCOLEDGE

    Last weekend I also headed to the HIROCOLEDGE 10 Years Anniversary. HIROCOLEDGE is the brand led and designed by Artist Hiroko Takahashi. Patterns consisting of circles and straight lines are her trademark and she likes to create minimalist works, supporting Japanese culture and lifestyle. While working on her PhD of arts, she founded Hirocoledge in 2006 – which now – 10 years later is...
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