「彼岸花撮影」Kimono x Red Spider Lily


In September the red spider lily is blooming in Japan.
Since I started setting up photo shoots I dreamt of creating beautiful visuals with this mystical flower.

Here the Higanbana (彼岸花) is associated with farewell and death. Probably also due to the flowers having been planted close to cemeteries. They are poisonous so animals don’t get near them. Often seen near rice or vegetable fields they act as a natural fence.


真っ赤の花のコントラストになる白色に決めて、完璧のモデルさんを決定した: 花ノ本以津輝


Not too far out from Tokyo (close to Kawagoe, Saitama) is a famous spider lily field which draws many visitors every year. (Will put the info below.)
Because I was actually surprised by the quick bloom and it seemed easily accessible without car, I quickly decided to shoot there.
It seems they ramped up their promotion in the past years, because the place was packed with people.
After the first shock we still managed to get some great shots and the people passing by seemed to enjoy the view themselves haha. (Had a hard time with people sticking their cameras in our faces..)

Since the blood red flowers are so vibrant I wanted to create a nice and pure contrast with a white kimono. And I needed something way more dramatic and artistic than for the kimono photo shoots I had done before.
So naturally I jumped up and down like a kid, when Izki Hananomoto – a performer agreed on collaborating with me.
She always wears shironuri (white Japanese makeup) on stage with her band HATEN KOHRO – who is a fun rock-pop band who interprets old Japanese songs new and performs with a big team in a wild Japanese mix style. Izki herself grew up in a family of Nihonbuyo (traditional Japanese) dancers and she usually sings and dances on stage.

In the early morning Izki and I started getting ready. She applied her makeup and I arranged her Nihongami hair and dressed her. The kimono was not made to be pulled so far back in the neck but we did it anyways haha! At the shoot we had Izki literally dance a little for us so the kimono got more and more wrinkled and loose, but I really love the pictures! I hope they inspire you too!


Let us welcome autumn! 秋へようこそ!

Izki x SALZ Tokyo

Izki x SALZ Tokyo

Izki x SALZ Tokyo

Izki x SALZ Tokyo

Izki x SALZ Tokyo

Izki x SALZ Tokyo

Izki x SALZ Tokyo

Izki x SALZ Tokyo

Izki x SALZ Tokyo

Disclaimer: The pictures have been taking on the regular walking paths. One image inside the flowers has been taken outside the venue and by making use of a hole in the flower field and taking great care of not damaging any flowers!!


A huge thank you also to my amazing photographer Kathryn from Kitsuke Film and Photo for bringing my vision to life!


Model: Izki Hananomoto (https://izkihananomoto.tumblr.com)
Photography: Kitsune Film and Photo (https://kitsunephoto.squarespace.com)
Styling / Direction: SALZ Tokyo

If you’re interested check out the band 破天航路 HATEN KOHRO

The location is called 巾着田 Kinchakuda (https://www.kinchakuda.com) and is located close to Koma station, along the Seibu Line.

Why not visit there next September?


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