Kimono Shopping Tour

Would you like to buy a Japanese kimono as a souvenir or perhaps are looking to start wearing the traditional garment and don’t know where to begin?

As passionate kimono wearer we are happy to guide you to our favorite vintage or new kimono shops in Tokyo. Not only do we know the best places for gorgeous and affordable kimono in town, but as stylist with deep knowledge about the garments, we can help you put together a complete outfit according to your wishes and budget.
Whether you are just visiting Japan or actually live here:
With kimono shops being scrambled all over the place in Tokyo, it can get overwhelming to find gorgeous one-of-a-kind kimono. Not knowing where, how and what items are needed to complete a kimono outfit, initially held us back several years before starting out with kimono. Helping to realize your kimono dreams comfortably and in a fun way is what SALZ Tokyo is here for.

What's included?

・Personal shopping tour customized to your needs and budget
・Introduction of local shops off the beaten path
・Help selecting the right items and size, styling of complete outfits
・Info about kimono in detail and get all your questions answered
・A fun local guided experience through Tokyo

→ Everyone is welcome, not only ladies!

Key infos

・Duration: 3-4 hours
(incl. traveling in-between shops)
・Price: 25,000 JPY incl. tax ($230 USD / 200 EUR)
(Combo price: 2 person: 38,000 JPY / $350 USD / Group up to 6 person: 50,000 JPY / $450 USD)
・Included: Personal Kimono Shopping Guide and day planning, Kimono styling advice and all questions answered, translation during shopping
・Date & Time: flexible depending on schedule / between 11 am to 7 pm
・Location: Greater Tokyo area / other regions via request
・Languages: English, Japanese, German

How to prepare?

When contacting us, please let us know;

・The kind of kimono / items you are looking for
・Your budget
・Your experience / level of kimono wearing
・Kimono brands you like to visit (if applicable)
・Your body height and clothing size / measurements

We will plan and suggest a route based on your preferences and probability of finding something matching your request.
※ When booking please let us know your individual needs or goal and approximate budget. (Vintage kimono are most affordable, new or custom kimono are also an option.)
※ We will plan a tour/route based on where we think to be able find the best items suited for you.
※ On the day we will travel to several of the selected shops and will help you browse for kimono items needed.
※ We happily answer all your questions about kimono during the tour, so ask away!
※ If we travel by train you will need to pay your own ticket. Same applies for entrance fees etc.
※ Tours need to be fully pre-paid / Cancellations up to 3 days prior to the tour are fully refundable. Cancellations after or a no-show will result in full charge.
※ In case of severe weather conditions a re-schedule is possible.

Shop ‘til you drop?

contact us

Customer Reviews

Special experience

I had a wonderful time visiting various kimono shops with Anji on our kimono shopping tour! She was able to make a special introduction at a kimono design company I had admired for a long time, allowing us to visit their HQ which is not normally open to the public! It was such a special and unique experience that I never would have been able to arrange on my own.

In addition to this, we visited an array of vintage kimono shops as well where I found some beautiful antique pieces. We both found some really special, unique kimono pieces and I can’t wait to wear them back home!

March 15th, 2019

Wonderful success!

The kimono shopping tour was a wonderful success! Anji is clearly very passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced with kimono. She took me to many great stores I otherwise would never had found.
I was searching for very specific things style and material wise which generally were out of season (besides the fact that finding kimono for men is in itself already more difficult), but I was still able to find a great and varied amount of clothing thanks to her — as much within what I was looking for, as what I wasn't originally interested in or even aware of. Her translations throughout the tour were also invaluable. Again, thank you so much Anji!

Jan 31st, 2024

Cool finds!

As a person who is interested in wearing kimono, I can tell that the kimono tour by SALZ Tokyo is a great opportunity for diving into the world of kimono. Especially if you are beginner you can explore various cool shops together with Anji as an advisor and you will learn a lot about the traditional Japanese garment.
Even if you are a professional in wearing kimono, you may will find special items and get some insider tips about the best shops in Tokyo. As far as I am concerned, I intended to buy some modern kimono items, so the tour was specially geared to my request and my budget.

Besides the choice of shops, Anji is a pleasant and open-minded person standing by your side as your advisor. Not only that she supported me to find fitting kimono items, she even explained a lot about the kimono culture in Japan. Especially for me as a beginner in wearing kimono, the tour helped me to improve my knowledge about kimono. I can strongly recommend the kimono shopping tour and I am looking forward to wear my freshly purchased kimono outfits. I bought a lot of cool Items within my budget, I explored interesting shops and all in all I had a great day. It will be an unforgettable memory of my journey in Japan.
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