「22日目」Day 22


The last day!
I felt amazing this morning when I woke up, and even happier after I moved the curtains to the side and saw that it wasn’t raining as promised.
When we got ready though, the room started rocking a bit. Earthquake! I didn’t feel one in a long time. Switching on the TV showed that it was in Kiso, where we had been a week ago. (Nothing really major though, just daily business.)


From our start point in Seta we walked through residential areas mainly. After a while light rain started – which basically determined the day: it was cloudy with showers on and off. An umbrella did the job though.

We crossed a bridge at the exit of Lake Biwa and were waiting for a traffic light, when a pigeon pooped full force down on me. I jumped back but got hit on my thumb and shoulder. We had quite a laugh. Good that I bought this old kimono with flaws extra for the trip.


本物に笑いました。古い訳ありの着物で良かったなーw (⌒-⌒; )

10 km outside of Kyoto we noticed an old place which had a handwritten note of Soba noodles being available for lunch so we had a look inside.
Turned out to be an amazing house with a 400 year old Japanese garden as the old man told us. The small waterfall is spring water, that’s why the pond was crystal clear. We had our lunch while viewing this magical scenery.


Afterwards we basically walked straight through towards the goal with occasional raindrops.

We reached our goal, the Sanjo Ōhashi Bridge in Kyoto at 14:21 in the afternoon. I was so moved that I couldn’t hold back my tears… I couldn’t believe it’s over.
22 days of walking – but looking back it feels so unreal. Like if I just left home 3 days ago.


It was a nice journey with ups and downs like life itself.
The first five days were the hardest due to my body not being used to excessive walking and the new sneakers gave me so many blisters… But I learned how to handle and prevent, then we got scared by the hotel folks with their horror stories about the blood sucking worms which made us sprint through the hardest mountain on our route and probably damaged my Achilles and other tendons in my feet, slightly sabotaging our trip.
A little rest and medication helped me finish this trip though!!
Giving up was not an option for me and I’m glad all worked out.


Also I’d like to thank the guy up there for protecting us along the journey, that we didn’t get eaten by bears and also for the almost ever sunny sunny weather- which was unreal in the rainy season!! Such a blessing!

Finally I’d like to thank you all for your encouragement along the way and all the people who followed our adventure here and across social media! You rock.


(I will add more info/pictures to my blog posts once I’m home in July and also write up a list of Tipps and how-to’s after this post.)

Walked distance:
20.7 km
Seta to Sanjo-Ōhashi (Kyoto)

20.7 km

Money spent:
Breakfast: 410¥
Train: 380¥
Lunch: 3100¥
= 3890¥
(Not counting after the official trip ending)

Today’s thoughts:
Good: Overwhelmed with happiness.
Bad: Feeling weird/scared of going back to my previous lifestyle.

Keep in touch,

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