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A few months ago I stumbled over this new shop in Harajuku which drew my attention due to a kimono being displayed right at the entrance.

I bumped my friend in the side and pulled her into said shop which turned out to be a next level mens kimono design boutique!

Robe Japonica

The first sight after entering were see through geta (Japanese sandals) made of plexiglass aka. acrylic. I remembered that those already sparked my interest on Twitter, but I didn’t know the whereabouts that time.

Robe Japonica 2

plexiglass geta

Getting deeper into the shop, a lot of funky and colourful but also classy mens kimono were waiting for my stares and “ah” and “oh” squeals of appreciation.

Robe Japonica 1

Looking at the shop staff and the designer himself, wrapped in kimonos, in a new casual cool way made me think I am in wafuku heaven.
This shop and its designs are way too fun and so untypical for the sometimes a little too stubbornly traditional Japanese kimono world.

Robe Japonica SALZ Tokyo

There are colourful print kimono for men who don’t want to wear dark blue, black or brown kimono (those are the mainly available colours for men in traditional sense) but also classy options for those who like it minimalistic yet different.
Among many others, Robe Japonica for example made some unique kimono of imported french tweed fabric for the colder months which are pretty neat or sheer haori jackets for warmer times.

Robe Japonica 3

slideshow_img2(If that isn’t classy! © Robe Japonica)

Apart from a variety of always new kimono they also stock fun accessories like obi belts, shawls, sandals and kanzashi hair decorations.

The other day a real Maiko visited the shop in Harajuku. Its so fun to see tradition and modernism together.
Maiko at Robe Japonica

I am sure we will hear and see much more from Robe Japonica in the future.
If you are in Harajuku, please check them out!


Adress: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jinguumae 3-25-6
Phone:  03-6804-2780
Open:  12:00 – 20:00 / Wednesdays closed

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