「着物撮影」Photo shoot throwback 2018


While I have been busy with rebuilding the site and life in general – this blog was on hold. This year as well, I have been blessed with all these chances to work with creative people for collaboration shoots!

So let me recap shortly to some of the images created.
In order to not let the post get too long and boring, I decided to split them up a little into multiple posts.


– 琴葉 –

In the early spring I had a great opportunity to style some kimono-mix outfits for a collaborative shoot which was set to be sent for magazine publication.
A very exciting project since the photographer has a very different minimalist style, contrary to my often colorful and strong images. Also most of the pictures were taking analog by a film camera. That was a very fun aspect of the shoot as well, as you can’t alter the results.

Enough talk, lets admire the fabulous model Kotoha!




Photography & Direction: Ryusei Sugimoto (www.instagram.com/s.ryusei0221)
Model: Kotoha 琴葉 (BELLONA Model Agency) (www.instagram.com/kotoha_bellona)
Makeup & Hair: Arina (www.instagram.com/arn_arina)
Styling: SALZ Tokyo
Jacket: Nicola Thiele / Skirt & Kimono: SALZ Tokyo


This photo shoot had its obstacles to overcome. Not only did the icy strong wind at the locations gave the models a hard time, the many outfit changes and logistics made it quite a challenge. But I am happy that Teale agreed to shoot with me and brought Lydia along! Thanks again for the whole team!


Photography: Irwin Wong (http://irwinwong.com)
Model: Teale Coco (Zucca Models) (www.tealecoco.com) & Lydia Chanel Hunt (Ford Models) (www.instagram.com/lydiachanelhunt)
HMUA: Misa Motoki (www.instagram.com/hmms09)
Styling & Direction: SALZ Tokyo
Accessories: Teale Coco Brand


Summer heat reached Tokyo at a very early stage this year. This shoot was a request by the photographer Michelle Lau from HongKong for King Kong Magazine.
I really love the look of Fubuki, who had just made her model debut this year.

4 outfits were planned for this shoot, however unfortunately the shoot needed to be cancelled after a few snaps. Since it was rather hot, Fubuki suddenly felt sick. Most likely due to a light heat stroke. Don’t worry – she was well looked after by the whole team and her agent and felt better soon.

I really liked the red look so I’d like to share it here regardless.
A good lesson. We are all human! Let us try again but let us also check the weather report carefully!!




Photography: Michelle Lau (www.michellelauphotography.com)
Model: Fubuki @ipsilon
Makeup: Chika Ueno (www.chikauenohair.localinfo.jp)
Hair: Kentaro Katsu (www.kentarokatsu.com)
Styling: SALZ Tokyo

I hope you enjoyed the different styles! I still got some more to share so keep in touch!


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