Not sure how to select the right kimono or how to wear or care for it?
Here are the most common questions answered:
Please check the respective size chart of the item in question, as kimono sizing can vary depending on brand and item.

As a general rule, Women's kimono should ideally have the length of the body height, in order to form the "ohashori" fold (which adjusts the length of kimono when wearing).

Men's kimono don't need to be folded and are therefore less flexible in size. To calculate the approx. length of the mens kimono:
Body height – 25 cm = kimono length for men

Other sizing (waist, hip, bust and yuki (mid neck to waist measurement) are often standardized measurements for an S / M size person.
Looking for XXL items? We are able to do large size kimono, juban, zouri etc. on request!

Please contact us any time to get advice on sizing if unsure or if you require custom tailoring!

Please measure your foot length (while standing on it) with the heel against the wall, to achieve accurate results.

We need the measurement in centimeters to process your order.

If you have rather rounded feet, please also measure the circumference around the widest part.

Zouri: Traditionally the heel should have a little bit overhang when wearing, however if you are uncomfortable that way you can of course also order one size larger.

Depending on the item/s ordered:

1) Select desired size, color, lining style etc. from the drop-down menu on the product page.

2) Place and follow the checkout instructions.

3) Pay via any of the available payment options.

4) You will receive an order confirmation via email. Please make sure to check your spam folder, if you do not receive an email!

We may contact you individually to confirm measurements or delivery time etc. so please make sure to check your emails from time to time!

5) If the item is in stock, you will receive a shipping confirmation once it has been sent out. If the item is made to order, it will be shipped after the completion of making the item!

If the item is in stock, it will be shipped in a couple of days.

If the item is made to order, it will be made in the time stated on the product page.
(Kimono items 1-3 months, Zouri and tabi usually about 1 month)

Depending on the country and local conditions, shipping estimates may look as following:

Japan: 1-3 days
Asia, Europe, North America & Oceania: 5-14 days

If you need your order for a certain date and are unsure, please contact us before placing your order. We are not responsible for delayed parcels.

Depending on your countries regulations you may be charged import tax before being able to receive your parcel.

Please note that It is completely out of our control if and how much you may get charged. For details please refer to your local authorities.

We refuse cancellations due to most items being made to order / custom made.

If you have any concerns / questions please don't hesitate to contact us.
Depending on the item, yes.
However we refuse a return if:
・The item was made to order, has custom sizing or is from a certain brand.
・ You did not read and check the measurements provided
・ The item was on sale
・ The item has been worn (except quickly trying it on) or cleaned / altered the item. Kitsuke items, Juban etc. cannot be returned for hygiene reasons.

(For vintage items:)
・ You did not check and enlarge the photos to check on flaws before purchase. (Usually the condition is described in fair detail and well documented in the pictures too!) If you have any questions regarding an item we are always happy to receive your email.

If you wish to return your purchased goods, please let us know within 1 week of arrival. Contact us via direct email or through our contact form.
Info needed:
・Order number
・ Why you would like to return said item
We will check your request and get back to you with shipping instructions.

*Please note that you will have to cover the shipping fee yourself (registered shipping). Upon arrival we will inspect the returned item and refund the product price if everything was found well.

There are lots of videos to be found on YouTube, Instagram etc. or in books.

If you need assistance, we are able to offer personal dressing lessons via zoom or in person for a charge.

Traditionally, Japanese silk kimono are wrapped in paper wrappers, called “tatoushi” and stored in wooden kimono chests to protect them from insects, sunlight, humidity etc.
However plastic storage cases or your normal drawer chest / closet should be sufficient (depending on your local condition).
If possible add moist absorbing packs and some kimono insect repellant to your storage unit.

Silk kimonos shall not be washed! Generally they only should be aired after wearing. Hanging them on a kimono hanger for several days should also set wrinkles. If you need to clean them please send them to a dry clean professional.
・ Polyester blend / cotton kimono can be washed – preferably carefully by hand in cold or lukewarm water – or for machine sewn items in a net with a gentle washing program in the washing machine.
Never use a tumble dryer / clothes dryer to dry kimono items! Hang them on a kimono hanger after laundry instead.

Note: In general a kimono is a garment which is different from western clothing and more so a piece of art, so if possible do not or very seldom wash them.
That is why there are cotton underwear and Juban (under-kimono) worn which are in direct contact with the skin and can be washed (unless silk!).

Traditionally, when needed after lots of use or heavy staining, expensive silk kimono are taken apart, washed and the fabric steamed/stretched by professionals and then sewn back into a kimono. This is a very pricey and complicated process, so not many people are getting this done nowadays.
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