「着物撮影の巻」Kimono photo shoots Summer 2018 夏


As always I am way behind in blogging about previous kimono styling works. But let me show two of my favorite projects of the past summer.


YY -waiwai-

For the ensemble YY Japan I was asked to direct and style two looks for their artist pictures. Being a huge fan of their work, this was a great honor to me. YY consists of the talented Koto (traditional Japanese instrument similar to a harp) player “Asuka” and DJ / beat maker “Wocasi”. Both are already great in their own fields. These two talents combined to create a wonderful and unique music.

The theme for the pictures was supposed to be futuristic and industrial. A little bit like robots perhaps. A great challenge location and also styling wise (as well as the shoot in the humid summer), but so happy with the results.



L: Wocasi R: Asuka

Whilst trying to keep the girls individual style I tried to come up with something new.


Behind the scenes. Love to freestyle the obi tie on the spot.
Ready for takeoff? Fixing the last bits for the perfect shot. あと少し・・・最終調整中!
The finished product.

Thank you again for choosing and trusting me with this project. The team worked together seamlessly.

またとない機会を頂き感謝です。撮影チームもすばらしく、とても楽しかったです。皆さん有難う! また一緒にやりましょう。

Photography: Benjamin Hung (www.benjamin-hung.com)
Models: YY-waiwai (www.instagram.com/yy_japan)
HMUA: Jennifer Schneider (www.jenniferschneider.at)
Styling/Direction: SALZ Tokyo


Another project I’d love to showcase here was a collaboration with Chiharu Muto (former Flower and E-girls, very famous girls music group in Japan, also the mastermind of BLIXZY brand!) and the model Mayu Sugieda (former Happiness and E-girls) .

For a special zine, they asked for a vivid kimono styling. And we all know that’s right up my alley! Since these gals have a bit of a street fashion vibe, I mixed up kimono with western elements to suit their style. A night shoot is something I rarely do – but gotta admit – the colours are just popping!


千春さんは、Flower、 E-girlsという音楽ユニットご出身で、ご自身のブランドBLIXZYを立ち上げて大活躍、
真結さんは、 Happiness、 E-girlsという音楽ユニットご出身で、今はモデルとしても活躍されてます。



Look at them! So beautiful and so vivid! R: Muto Chiharu L: Mayu Sugieda
キレイでしょ!!右:千春さん 左:真結さん
Love this pic!! この写真すごい好き!
The devil ..erm.. guitar is in the details.
Amazing duo!! かっこいいお二人!!

Again, such a great team and relaxing shoot! Love to see the pictures printed and hope the fanbase like them too! (See some snaps of the finished Zine below:)


Real autographs from both girls!

Photography: Fukuda Hitomi (www.fukudahitomi.stores.jp)
Models: Chiharu Muto 武藤千春 (www.chiharu.blixzy.tokyo) & Mayu Sugieda 杉枝真結 (www.ameblo.jp/mayu-sugieda)
HMUA: Takeda Hayato (www.puente-office.com/women1-2)
Styling: SALZ Tokyo

Thank you again for the great opportunities.  みんなのおかげでいいお仕事できてます!!

Best, Anji

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