Fashion Week Tokyo SS16 - Tenbo & byU


The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo kicked off already and I got invited to see the newest collections from tenbo & byU.

Starting off with tenbo I was very surprised by the deep story behind the designs and the show. For instance the theme of this collection was “1945”.

A ‘little boy’ eating yellow cake and a ‘fat man’ appaered at the beggining of the show.

They are the symbol of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – yellow cake is the nuclear term for uranium…


After the boy and the man vanish, colorful designs with a meaning of hope and traditional Japanese stitching pattern which was passed on as a talisman in old times were shown.

2015. War is over. The wish for peace.






Tenbo did not only select healthy beautiful models as its the norm in the fashion industry, but he selected many disabled people with different conditions to model his clothes.

He selected different body colors, body shapes and people who can barely move – but they all shined and were truly beautiful!! Highly impressive and an amazing statement to nowadays society!

The final piece was a dress made of 1000 paper cranes which have been made and sent from all over the worls to the Hiroshima Childrens Peace Memorial.


Thank you for the wonderful time, tenbo!


The next show to see was byU.

I was quickly drawn back into the stereotypical world of fashion when all the white models with blond hair and porcelain faces walked down the runway. Of course very pretty to look at, but after tenbo a real contrast and eye opener.

But lets not get emotional here since the focus should be on the collection. byU is very feminine and was not shy to pull all registers for the Spring Summer 2016 collection – pastel toned pink white and natural colors, laces, frills and floral embellishments everywhere.

Not my personal preference of style but I enjoyed all the details and the hard work which went in all the nicely colored tweed fabrics, patterns and decorations. A truly summery collection for all the women who don’t want to let go of a cute girly charm.









I also made a video so you can see the collections in movement:

My style was completely street fashion themed – green white from head to toe.



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