Last weekend I also headed to the HIROCOLEDGE 10 Years Anniversary.

HIROCOLEDGE is the brand led and designed by Artist Hiroko Takahashi.
Patterns consisting of circles and straight lines are her trademark and she likes to create minimalist works, supporting Japanese culture and lifestyle.

While working on her PhD of arts, she founded Hirocoledge in 2006 – which now – 10 years later is celebrating a decade in business.
I joined the fun at her Studio located close to the Tokyo Sky Tree.



Dec 10th 2016

She is famous for her modern kimono line and the out of the box approach to design and marketing.
The design seems not very usual for kimono, but that is the obvious. What I really like is how untypical she displays them as well.



Take a look at the dolls for example. Do you notice anything?


Dec 10th 2016

No? How about this PR photo?

う〜ん? このPR写真は?


Traditions and rules suggest to stand ladylike with your feet together when wearing kimono. Her dolls and promo shows her with her feet wide open. Making a fist. Doing unusual things in kimono. My favourite is probably the one with the skateboard (you can look that one up for yourself..)

Her staff tells me Ms.Takahashi doesn’t produce Nagoya obi because they limit her. She rather makes and uses Fukuro obi with a full and variating design so she can tie and show a different design any time. Also she doesn’t tie the usual obi ties but creates her own. Sometimes to that extend that she can’t do the same obi tie as before because she did it out of a moment that can’t be recreated.



Well, I think I am getting too far into detail. So back to the party..

After a short speech we could enjoy ourselves with some amazing cheese, champagne and other deliciousness.



Dec 10th 2016

Dec 10th 2016

Dec 10th 2016

Being the lady of the night, she was pretty busy so I only got to say hello for a short time, but I had the Hirocoledge staff to introduce me their products in detail.

She doesn’t only focus on kimono and sorts, but she is doing many collaborations with other brands and sells tenugui (handkerchiefs), wallets, bags, shirts, accessories, interior, provides design for tea and has her own fragrance in overseas apparently.



But you know me better.. Of course my main interest is the kimono section.

Dec 10th 2016

Dec 10th 2016

Dec 10th 2016

The above white kimono for example can be dyed in any shade of any colour you want. Choose from one of three patterns and they will dye the silk kimono fabric in your choice of colour – made to order.
I thought that was quite a cool thing for someone who would like a “iromuji” aka plain colour kimono in a rare shade.
Plus, the price isn’t as intimidating as the patterned silk kimono or woven silk obi are.. Who would have known.


Anyways, thanks again for having me, Hiroko Takahashi and the Hirocoledge Team.
I had a lovely time chatting over good cheese. And I wish great success for the future years to come.




Studio Location / スタジオ
(Reservation needed! 予約必要)

4-11-2 Narihira Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0002, Japan
TEL: +81-3-6456-1624

〒130-0002 東京都墨田区業平4-11-2
TEL 03-6456-1624

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