• "Taisho Dream: Secret Meisen Story" Exhibition 「大正の夢 秘密の銘仙ものがたり」展

    "Taisho Dream: Secret Meisen Story" Exhibition 「大正の夢 秘密の銘仙ものがたり」展
    On Friday I was invited to the pre-opening of the newest kimono exhibition by the Yayoi Museum in Tokyo.As a Meisen and antique kimono lover - the Yayoi & Takehisa Yumeji museums are my go to for exhibitions in a casual setting. Finally a motivation to wear a Meisen kimono again as I have been avoiding antiques since having kids (You know, don't want...
  • 「六本木ヒルズ春まつり」Roppongi Spring Festival 2018

    「六本木ヒルズ春まつり」Roppongi Spring Festival 2018
    Last weekend (7th and 8th of April, 2018) I participated the spring festival or “Haru Matsuri” at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. 2018年4月7及び8日と六本木ヒルズさんの春祭りに参加させてもらいました! 六本木ヒルズの春まつりとは、六本木ヒルズ自治会、森ビル株式会社主催で六本木ヒルズアリーナで毎年行われます。今年は六本木ヒルズさんの15周年でしたよ! Black lace kimono on red juban for a modern look. 黒レース着物で襦袢の色も見せる楽しさ。 Although the Bon dance in summer is well known, the spring festival is still not as famous yet. Organized by the Roppongi hills local community group and the Ropppngi Hills...
  • 「秋」Autumn feels

    「秋」Autumn feels
    Last week we had a sudden curtain of snowfall here in the Tokyo area and I was a little worried – as I didn’t have time yet to go out and appreciate the autumn foliage properly. 先週の雪で少しパニックになった。「まだ紅葉を楽しむ時間はなかったのに、もう冬??」と思ってました。 Thankfully 2 days later we had bombastic weather so I jumped back into my kimono to embrace the yellow and red coloured trees. On my check list...
  • 「原宿ラフォーレで着物ショッピング」Harajuku LaForet's kimono shops

    「原宿ラフォーレで着物ショッピング」Harajuku LaForet's kimono shops
    Last Saturday I went to Harajuku’s LaForet Shopping mall to check out the nice kimono pop up shops there. During the Summer months, many kimono brands offer their yukata and kimono items in department stores in the city. 土曜日は原宿ラフォーレにある様々な着物ブランドのポップアップへ行ってまいりました。 But before that let me show you my outfit. It was a very special day for me because I made my Hakama Debut! (Meaning I...
  • 「谷崎潤一郎の着物ギャラリー」 Junichiro Tanizaki Kimono Gallery

    「谷崎潤一郎の着物ギャラリー」 Junichiro Tanizaki Kimono Gallery
    Last month I was invited to join a fun group of kimono enthusiasts and check out a lovely kimono exhibition in Tokyo. The exhibition carried the name of Junichiro Tanizaki (a famous Japanese novelist 1886-1965) who wrote about and drew many women in lovely (now antique) kimono. The gallery showcased a lovely collection of taisho roman kimono and accessories and was hold in the...
  • Oiran Parade in Tokyo 2016 / 花魁道中

    Oiran Parade in Tokyo 2016 / 花魁道中
    Last weekend I headed to Asakusa to see the Oiran Parade (花魁道中 oiran douchuu) which I was waiting for so long after missing the last one. An Oiran (花魁) was a courtesan (aka. prostitute) back in the days. Especially the highest ranked Oiran, called Tayuu (太夫) were not only offering physical love but actually were talented entertainers and artists. Tayuu were something like Superstars...
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