• Uber Dandy Kimono x SALZ Tokyo

    Uber Dandy Kimono x SALZ Tokyo
    SALZ Tokyo styled and contributed one kimono outfit for the Uber Dandy Kimono Fashion Show in the UK.
  • Autumn in Kyoto

    Autumn in Kyoto
    Due to business I had the chance to get back to Kyoto earlier than expected. Also an awesome and timely coincidence that my best Tokyo and kimono friend was in Kyoto at the exact same time so one day we could meet and wear kimono together. My outfit consists of my favourite antique yellow silk komon a blue rather modern Nagoya obi and a...
  • Flim Flam Revue x SALZ Tokyo

    Flim Flam Revue x SALZ Tokyo
    In November the Flim Flam Revue Burlesque dance group teamed up with SALZ Tokyo to have a fun kimono collaboration.
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