• 「FKI展 & ルミロック」Year end kimono fun

    「FKI展 & ルミロック」Year end kimono fun
    Time seems to fly faster and faster these weeks. It’s December and suddenly I feel overwhelmed with work – but that’s a great thing after having a little too silent past months. Colder weather and the years final month calls for kimono events and the popular “忘年会” Year-end parties! So I found myself running around between 4 appointments yesterday. One was the FKI展 –...
  • 「秋」Autumn feels

    「秋」Autumn feels
    Last week we had a sudden curtain of snowfall here in the Tokyo area and I was a little worried – as I didn’t have time yet to go out and appreciate the autumn foliage properly. 先週の雪で少しパニックになった。「まだ紅葉を楽しむ時間はなかったのに、もう冬??」と思ってました。 Thankfully 2 days later we had bombastic weather so I jumped back into my kimono to embrace the yellow and red coloured trees. On my check list...
  • 「ルミ⭐︎レタル」Rumi x Retar Collaboration

    「ルミ⭐︎レタル」Rumi x Retar Collaboration
    Finally we have internet in our new place! So I can start trying to catch up on all the recent events and places I went.. I am wayyy late. 引っ越してからの一ヶ月後にやっとインターネットを設置して頂いた。 それで、(遅いけど)最近のイベントなどについてどんどんブログ上げますね。 First a quick intro for the Rumi x Retar Collab and Rumi Rock’s new items. I went to their 3 day pop up shop in Nakameguro to check it out first hand. (And...
  • 「きものサローネ2016」Kimono Salone

    「きものサローネ2016」Kimono Salone
    Yesterday I jumped back into my kimono, did my hair and went to Kimono Salone – a 3 day event / exhibition of kimono brands in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. 昨日は久々に着物でお出かけしました。初めての「きものサローネ」へ! But let’s start from the beginning – as always with my outfit: I finally tried to do Nihongami again. It was quite a fight, because I used a cheap stupid extension which doesn’t work well...
  • 「金星倶楽部~黒色すみれ×KIMONO姫」Kimono Hime Event

    「金星倶楽部~黒色すみれ×KIMONO姫」Kimono Hime Event
    Currently we are looking for a new apartment to move into, that’s why life has been super busy recently and I failed to blog. Also several people from overseas decided to come to Tokyo and there were several events so I had packed but fun weeks! みなさん、お元気ですか? 最近は、引っ越しのため物件探しや色々なイベント、海外からの来客で忙しくて、ブログを書けておりませんでした。バタバタでしたけど、楽しい時間もたっぷりでした。 One of said events was one I got my ticket for quite early and looked forward...
  • 「斉藤三才」Saito Sansai - Roots of Jotaro Saito

    「斉藤三才」Saito Sansai - Roots of Jotaro Saito
    Many of you probably already know about JOTARO SAITO, a kimono brand from Kyoto which I reported about previously. (At Tokyo Fashion Week & The store) 着物好きやブログを読んでる皆さんはJOTARO SAITOと言う着物ブランドを知ってますよね? 今回はこのブランドの歴史を紐解いてみたいと思います。 (前回の記事:東京コレクション & 絹磨xJOTARO SAITOの紹介) JOTARO SAITO actually comes from a traditional line of kimono artisans in Kyoto. His father Saito Sansai also designs kimono (and revolutionised the industry already before Jotaro) and also Sansai has...
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