• Kimono Rock Tokyo

    Kimono Rock Tokyo
    Yesterday I went to Kimono Rock Tokyo, a 3 day pop up store event (10th 11th and 12th of June 2016) in Harajuku featuring cool modern kimono brands. 着物ロック東京へ行ってきました☆ 原宿である「スペースさくら」三日間の着物イベント(2016年6月10〜12日)でした。 The kimono brand Rumi Rock hosts this fun get together sometimes and always invites fun and popular modern kimono brands. (See my post from last year: http://www.salz-tokyo.com/kimono-rock-tokyo/ ) This season Modern Antenna, Rumi Rock,...
  • Rumi Rock - Isetan Pop Up

    Rumi Rock - Isetan Pop Up
    One of my favourite modern kimono brands Rumi Rock had a pop up store in the Shinjuku Isetan Shopping mall the past days. 好きなモダン着物ブランド「ルミ ロック」の伊勢丹新宿店ポップアップショップに行って参りました♪ They just released their new Yukata collection for 2016. I am not the biggest Yukata fan myself, but wanted to check out their items in general. (Unfortunately Isetan is a bit strict with a no photo policy so I...
  • Kimono Rainbow Challenge

    Kimono Rainbow Challenge
    In the past months I participated my first group challenge – the Kimono Rainbow Challenge. An international styling challenge Tia from Uber Dandy Kimono thought up and brought to live, contacting some kimono enthusiasts across the globe. ここ数ヶ月、国際的な着物チャレンジに参加してみました。「ザ・着物レインボーチャレンジ」 Uber Dandy Kimonoのティアさんは考えた着物スタイリングチャレンジです。世界中バラバラに住んでる着物好きの8名は参加した。 The rules are simple: Every week a kimono outfit needs to be styled in a main color set by Tia. The order was...
  • Uber Dandy Kimono x SALZ Tokyo

    Uber Dandy Kimono x SALZ Tokyo
    SALZ Tokyo styled and contributed one kimono outfit for the Uber Dandy Kimono Fashion Show in the UK.
  • Flim Flam Revue x SALZ Tokyo

    Flim Flam Revue x SALZ Tokyo
    In November the Flim Flam Revue Burlesque dance group teamed up with SALZ Tokyo to have a fun kimono collaboration.
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