• Kimono Rainbow Challenge

    Kimono Rainbow Challenge
    In the past months I participated my first group challenge – the Kimono Rainbow Challenge. An international styling challenge Tia from Uber Dandy Kimono thought up and brought to live, contacting some kimono enthusiasts across the globe. ここ数ヶ月、国際的な着物チャレンジに参加してみました。「ザ・着物レインボーチャレンジ」 Uber Dandy Kimonoのティアさんは考えた着物スタイリングチャレンジです。世界中バラバラに住んでる着物好きの8名は参加した。 The rules are simple: Every week a kimono outfit needs to be styled in a main color set by Tia. The order was...
  • The kimono kid x SALZ Tokyo

    The kimono kid x SALZ Tokyo
    Last month I had an incredibly fun crossover collaboration with my dear friend Sasa from New York. Sasa is the head and creator behind the kimono kid and hand makes custom order kimono items in her atelier in Brooklyn. She does everything from scratch, taking the customers wishes and measurements, designs, hand dyes, cuts and sows kimonos, kimono jackets and anything wafuku you like...
  • Uber Dandy Kimono x SALZ Tokyo

    Uber Dandy Kimono x SALZ Tokyo
    SALZ Tokyo styled and contributed one kimono outfit for the Uber Dandy Kimono Fashion Show in the UK.
  • Fashion Week Tokyo SS16 - h.NAOTO & YOSHIKIMONO

    Fashion Week Tokyo SS16 - h.NAOTO & YOSHIKIMONO
    h.NAOTO The final day of Fashion Week I went to see the show of h.NAOTO in a warehouse like location in Chiba. Starting off with beautiful renaissance like goth dresses h.NAOTO tapped right into what one would expect. I was actually more surprised to see many ready to be worn simple print shirts and simple coats to be presented. This SS16 has Naoto experimenting...
  • Telephone print Haori Jacket

    Telephone print Haori Jacket
    Hey lovelies, Sorry for the long absence. I will try to catch up with some posts about the past weeks. First of all I would like to show you the new SALZ Tokyo Haori Jacket I made. A Haori is a Japanese style Jacket usually to be worn over a kimono, however I like to mix old with new and break up traditions, so...
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