• Pregnancy in Japan during a pandemic

    Pregnancy in Japan during a pandemic
    Happy New Year 2021 also from my side! May this year be a fresh chapter with the hopeful fast end of the pandemic… Today I want to write about my experience of being pregnant in Japan. Even though unrelated to kimono and a little more personal, some of you said they were curious as to how it is being expecting a baby as a...
  • 「浴衣でグランドキャニオン」Grand Canyon in Yukata

    「浴衣でグランドキャニオン」Grand Canyon in Yukata
    Last month I went to the United States for a bit – including Las Vegas, its nearby Grand Canyon and California. 実は、先月はアメリカに行ってまいりました。ラスベガスとグランドキャニオン(付近)です。 You probably already know me better – of course I did not go there in Western clothing! Why let the chance slip to wear kimono or at least yukata in such a scenic location? Since I could only travel with a tiny...
  • 「着物でスノボ」Snowboarding in kimono

    「着物でスノボ」Snowboarding in kimono
    When living in Germany I never got the chance to do any Wintersports apart from ice skating, but 3 years ago my husband taught my how to stand on the snowboard. We flew up to Hokkaido and went snowboarding for 3 days – in the beginning I kept falling on my knees and ass but on the 3rd day I had lots of fun!...
  • My evolution of kimono styling / 着物スタイリングの進化

    My evolution of kimono styling / 着物スタイリングの進化
    The first time to get in touch with kimono was in Kyoto years ago, when I rented a kimono for the first time. It was like a dream come true and walking through the city dressed up traditionally made me feel so good. Life feels different while wearing kimono. Your whole body positure and way of walking and doing things changes, becomes more gracefully...
  • Interview about SALZ & the founder / SALZとファッションについて

    Interview about SALZ & the founder / SALZとファッションについて
    Last week I got interviewed about my fashion, brand and thoughts on the Night Fever King Blog. This blog is dedicated to Japanese and/or Alternative culture and fashion. To make it easier to read, I just pasted his article here, but make sure to check out his nice blog if you have time: https://nightfeverking.wordpress.com 一週間前、Night Fever Kingと言うブルグとインタビューをしたので、ぜひ読んで頂きたいです。 ただ、英語ですw 読みやすさの為、日記を下にコピペしたけど、興味のある方はブログもご確認どうぞ。 https://nightfeverking.wordpress.com Cool and Chic Tokyo...
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